About Me


I’m Emily Ruth and I am, above all things, so grateful to you for visiting my little corner of the internet! Since 1992 I have been a San Francisco based Pisces with aspirations of creating a more magical existence for everyone on this planet.
I’m a witchy woman by night and hairstylist by day. “Witchy” to me means connected to the more spiritual, esoteric realms. Even though I was raised on Wiccan traditions, my personal beliefs and everything I express here will never be tied to any particular path. I have always just felt a bit more in touch with and sensitive to the dreamy, emotional aspects of life than to tangible reality. I have always highly valued the more subtle unseen elements and for years I have been researching ways to deepen my existence here and connect with others in a magical way.
What is “magic” to me? Simply anything that inspires awe in our lives. Something that restores a sense of colorful wonder to a world that sometimes seems predictable and uninspiring. A method of making self-care fun.
If there is one thing I have learned in my time here, it is that your experience on Earth is truly what you make of it. Even if you cannot control your daily schedule or responsibilities, there are always ways to enrich your lifestyle and manage stress by adding subtle meditations and mini rituals. The goal of these little magical tidbits is to add to your overall happiness, help you understand deeper truths about yourself and your values, and to help you find a deeper meaning in your time here. I want to help you enrich your existence and add enjoyment to your everyday routine.
My ultimate game plan here is to add more love to the world. If we learn to approach our lives with gentleness and an openness to discovering magic in others around us and in our world, perhaps this gentleness and understanding can manifest beyond our imaginations and spill out onto our whole planet.
I’ll never claim to know everything about this — I’m far from an enlightened soul — but I am committed to an ever-evolving journey of self discovery and building a loving community to walk this path by my side. You are all invited!