I believe in me!

A friendly reminder to believe in yourself!

Hi!!! How’s everyone feeling right now after that big major moon??? I heard it was intense for a lot of people — myself very much included! Sometimes I get caught up in the intensity of life and stress and I forget something really important. So here I am writing this to remind myself, and you. It is a gift to be on this earth with the ability to create. Every day is an opportunity to create! The act of living is an act of creation! In case you forgot, you are the artist, you are the magician, and your magical creation is the life you live every day!

We are lucky to be able to do anything at all. Just having the ability to contribute love and beauty to the world is a gift. You are creating just by being. And anything else you do on top of that is bonus points!

So believe in yourself, believe in your ability to be the artist of your life and know in your heart you are doing the best you can every day.

Say it with me: I BELIEVE IN ME!

super blood wolf moon

Big Moon Energy: Your Super Blood Wolf Moon Survival Guide

Who’s afraid of the big bad super blood wolf moon? Not us! The name might sound menacing, but all it means is that the first full moon of the year is featuring a lunar eclipse! This Sunday, the Leo full moon will appear closer and larger than usual. Eclipses are said to be catalysts for change, and this one will be no exception; astrologers have been warning us about the life changing aspects of this phenomenon for weeks! Read on for more information on how to harness the Big Moon Energy for good.

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Bewitch your hair! (with Lunar Tides hair color)

What’s up witches?!? We all know we’re magical on the inside, but don’t you want to be magical on the outside too? I’m obsessed with testing out all kinds of pretty pink colors on my unicorn mane, so naturally I was stoked when I found out about Lunar Tides Hair Color. This Seattle-based creative color line is cruelty-free and vegan, and as of right now they have 34 shades to choose from – pretty impressive! I’ve seen them all over Instagram so when they sent me a few shades to try, I was over the moon!

The shades I decided to test out were Smokey Mauve, Lychee Pink, and Petal Pink. I started off trying to do the DIY thing, but let’s be real here — coloring your own hair is messy and kind of stressful (no one has eyes in the back of their head ok?!?). Luckily my amazingly talented hair stylist friend Wes Pine was around to save the day! He helped me melt the colors into each other, rinse them out (with a little Olaplex love too!), and get everything styled and looking fabulous! Watch our process to see our favorite tools, our best tips for maintaining unicorn color, and of course to have a magical time!

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journal meditation

Where do we go now? This post-solstice journal meditation will carry you out of the darkness and into the light

The darkest times are over, really: December 21st brought us the longest night of the year, also known as the winter solstice, and with it, the year’s longest visible full moon. To see the culmination of our darkest nights meet the bright glow of our fully illuminated moon was a powerful reminder that just as the sky can move from shadows into light, so can our consciousness. It is no new school of thought to view the end of the year as a time to shed what is no longer serving us, and direct our focus where it is truly needed. But this isn’t just a time to make a new year’s resolution and call it a day (or night); it is a time to reflect inward on what truly matters to you, and how you can move forward with intent to better align your life with your soul’s purpose. This journal meditation will assist you in processing what you have been through, so you can learn from it and decide where to go from here.

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Are you sensitive? (it’s ok)

As a Pisces with a Cancer moon I feel highly qualified to tell you about being sensitive. Are you a sensitive person too? Are you always in your feels? It’s not always easy being someone who feels their feelings so intensely. Being super in touch with your emotions can sometimes make your everyday life a bit taxing, am I right? Let’s talk about how we can navigate this.

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VIDEO: Witchy Self Care Rituals

What’s up witches?!? Is anyone else out there feeling a little burnt out? A little droopy? That’s been me. I needed rest and rejuvenation and recovery and somehow needed to fit it all into a Sunday afternoon because that’s all I had to catch up. So I did what any worn out witch must do: concoct a few witchy self care rituals! To get my energy back I performed three of my favorite recovery rituals and recorded them, so join me!

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Video: 5 Ways To Make Your Everyday Life More Magical

What’s up witches?!? Happy October! This is my favorite month and in celebration I decided to launch a Bewitch Your Life Youtube channel! Although I have been planning to do this for a long time I actually have no idea what I’m doing – I have never really made any videos before. But I feel this overwhelming need to get magical messages of love and positivity out to the world and I’m super stoked to have a new platform to do it. My first ever video is up, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s cheesy! It’s goofy! It’s definitely lighthearted. But if you want to turn your everyday life into a more magical adventure, give it a watch! Laugh at me or with me, or both. I’m just grateful you’re here, ok? Here are my top five ways to make everyday life more magical…

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this moment is perfect

Is there something following you around? I’m not talking about your shadow or your adorable cat, I’m talking about that baggage, girl. Have you ever had something occupy your thoughts and cloud your mood even when you’re totally removed from the situation for the time being? If you’ve faced a sad situation that’s making you bummed way after the fact, or a stressful situation you can’t seem to shake even after you’ve left, or if you just need help feeling positive right now, hear me out! There’s one simple way you can look at little moments that will spill over to brightening up your whole life. It’s a bite-size present moment meditation available to go, and it goes like this:

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the moon tarot

give yourself a fresh start

Spiritual pep talk time! Logging into this blog just now felt like busting open a REALLY creaky door in the middle of the night, probably waking up a roommate. (Am I still welcome here?!?) I’m ashamed to say I nearly abandoned this magical place!
I have a confession to make. I’m not a witch for a living (although I hope someday to cast a spell that pays the bills). I have a full time day job and a dog just like you. For a time I really just let my life get in the way of, uh, well, my life. Has this ever happened to you?

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snake candle

How to protect your energy

Your energy! Your excitement! Your life force that makes you YOU! Your personal little energetic field is valuable and worth keeping careful watch over. If you have ever been in a situation where you felt drained afterwards, you know what it’s like to have your energy drained. Read on for a few simple ways you can protect that precious energy!

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