new year tarot spread

Your Guide to the Year Ahead: The Essential New Year Tarot Spread

Congratulations! Whether you feel like you kicked 2018’s ass or it kicked yours, you made it through this year and it’s on to the next one. There’s one tarot ritual I have made sure to do right around the start of the new year for over a decade now: the yearly tarot spread. My mom taught me to read tarot as I grew up and although she was the one to introduce the concept of a New Year Tarot spread to me, a recent Google search revealed that it is in fact very much A Thing. So I won’t claim this as an original idea or concept at all, but I still feel very inclined to continue to spread the word about this yearly ritual that I have gained a tremendous amount of value from and highly recommend you try (if you haven’t already).

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march 31 blue moon

What the blue moon means, and how it can help you glow too

It’s the last day of March, but what else makes this time special? It’s the night of the second blue moon this year! I keep blurting this out excitedly, and the reaction I get is mostly, “Cool… so what does it mean?”

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Make your life more magical!

That’s all I’m really here to do!


I’m Emily Ruth, a San Francisco based witch whose main mission in this weird experience of life is to help people restore a loving sense of wonder to their day-to-day activities. I use the term “witch” really loosely – my spirituality isn’t tied to any particular religious path, and my goal here is to share easy tips and suggestions that literally anyone in any walk of life could potentially experience and benefit from.

No matter what your lifestyle is, who you are, or what you’re going through, there are always a few little things you can add to make your life feel more enchanting. I’m about to cover daily rituals for rejuvenating your soul, magical reminders to boost your self love, powerful but super simple ways to find out truths about yourself and what you want out of your life, and so much more. I’m discovering more and more magic every day, so I invite you to join me and grow a more magical existence in the world!