Let go during the full moon’s afterglow

Do any of you feel affected by the full moon? I catch myself feeling my strangest at times when the moon is nearly or actually full. Sometimes my feelings are so intense I just want to sleep them off. The night of and three days before and after the full moon are energetically powerful times, so much so that I hardly want to do anything at all! So I came up with a gentle full moon ritual that even the most weary witch can muster (also useful up to three days after the full moon).

All you’ll need is three candles, a bit of sage, and a small piece of palo santo. Place the candles in somewhat of a triangle formation. Light the top candle first, then the bottom right, then the bottom left. You have created a sacred space all your own. Light the sage using the top candle, then bottom left, then bottom right, and raise it above your head. Draw three infinity symbols ( 8 ) counterclockwise above your head. This is infinitely rewinding that which is holding you back until it is gone. This is your time to feel your fear, doubt, insecurities, stress, sadness, and with every exhale, let these oppressive feelings be released up into the air with the thick sage smoke (known for banishing bad vibes and clearing your headspace). They are no longer serving you, so let them go.

When the sage stops smoking, open a door or window to release the heaviness from the room. Light your palo santo (it has a happy vibration, bringing blessings and fresh energy to your space). Use the top candle first, then bottom right, then bottom left. Hold it above your head and trace three infinity symbols, clockwise, this time focusing on everything you would like to grow abundantly in your life. Repeat a mantra if you’d like (I always choose “I am love.”) The smoke wafting out is carrying your blessings out into the world.

Set the palo santo down and blow out the candles. Top first, bottom left, then bottom right. What was holding you back has been released, and your blessings have been called forth to grow in abundance. Your fluid, symbolic motions combined with the heady release of smell and smoke are a rich incantation to a universe that is eagerly listening to you. This simple full moon ritual brings me comfort during crazy times, so I hope it helps you find your way through intense moments too!

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