5D ascension, 5D consciousness shift

What is the 5D consciousness shift, and is it real?

Have you guys been seeing any internet flutterings about a 5D consciousness shift or “ascension”? I first heard the term “5D shift” last year on Myspace-idol-turned-spiritual-guide Audrey Kitching’s Instagram. Many of her captions reference an imminent paradigm shift in human consciousness, and when I first came across what she wrote it sounded so out there (even to me!) I couldn’t help but wonder for a moment if she had wandered in the direction of Illuminati-obsessed Tila Tequila. But then I started coming across mentions of a “5D energy shift” on other accounts, and then on YouTube, and my interest was quickly piqued. A few Google searches later, I realized I was late to the party on this one… were you?

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