Bewitch your hair! (with Lunar Tides hair color)

What’s up witches?!? We all know we’re magical on the inside, but don’t you want to be magical on the outside too? I’m obsessed with testing out all kinds of pretty pink colors on my unicorn mane, so naturally I was stoked when I found out about Lunar Tides Hair Color. This Seattle-based creative color line is cruelty-free and vegan, and as of right now they have 34 shades to choose from – pretty impressive! I’ve seen them all over Instagram so when they sent me a few shades to try, I was over the moon!

The shades I decided to test out were Smokey Mauve, Lychee Pink, and Petal Pink. I started off trying to do the DIY thing, but let’s be real here — coloring your own hair is messy and kind of stressful (no one has eyes in the back of their head ok?!?). Luckily my amazingly talented hair stylist friend Wes Pine was around to save the day! He helped me melt the colors into each other, rinse them out (with a little Olaplex love too!), and get everything styled and looking fabulous! Watch our process to see our favorite tools, our best tips for maintaining unicorn color, and of course to have a magical time!

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