5D ascension, 5D consciousness shift

What is the 5D consciousness shift, and is it real?

Have you guys been seeing any internet flutterings about a 5D consciousness shift or “ascension”? I first heard the term “5D shift” last year on Myspace-idol-turned-spiritual-guide Audrey Kitching’s Instagram. Many of her captions reference an imminent paradigm shift in human consciousness, and when I first came across what she wrote it sounded so out there (even to me!) I couldn’t help but wonder for a moment if she had wandered in the direction of Illuminati-obsessed Tila Tequila. But then I started coming across mentions of a “5D energy shift” on other accounts, and then on YouTube, and my interest was quickly piqued. A few Google searches later, I realized I was late to the party on this one… were you?

(My disclaimer: Most of the information I have shared on this blog focuses on small-scale magic to spruce up our everyday realities. There is a reason I haven’t yet delved into the great mysteries of the cosmos, and that is because I try to share what I truly know. I also want to share things that are relatable. But as a student of life with an interest in exploring consciousness, I felt this subject warranted discussion. Although “I want to believe,” and I’m certainly inclined to indulge spiritual and magical thoughts, I maintain what I feel to be a healthy level of skepticism. I’m one of those “spiritual, but not religious” people. So let’s approach this interesting subject with an open yet investigative mind!)

So what is 5D anyway?

5D refers to the 5th dimension, which is not a really cool portal in space like I originally thought but according to physicists, “alternative reality.” Huh? More specifically, a Swedish physicist by the name of Oskar Klein suggested there might be “a dimension unseen by humans where the forces of gravity and electromagnetism unite to create a simple but graceful theory of the fundamental forces.” That link explained the science-y side further, but it left me scratching my head; how does all that tie in to a consciousness shift?
I started thumbing through more spirituality-focused websites, and that’s when things (kind of) came together. This school of thought defines dimensions not as physical places, but as various states of consciousness. Just as the science-defined 5th dimension has all forces in harmony, the spiritual definition of the 5th dimension is a level of reality where all consciousness seems to be “enlightened” – focused on total peace, compassion, and wisdom. Hey, that sounds good to me!

What exactly is the 5D shift?

Believers in the 5D shift state that a change is taking place throughout the realm of human consciousness; according to various timelines I came across, the process started around 2012 and will be complete around 2042. It is said that we started in 3D reality – not 3D as in your favorite Pixar film, but vibrating in the lower realm of the 3rd dimension, which is essentially a very limited state of consciousness. According to the internet, the old 3D structure of reality is collapsing to make way for the global consciousness to “vibrate higher” until we reach the blissful planes of 5D manifestation – an enlightened consciousness. This will reportedly cause a shift in human society where corruption and greed will be issues of the past and humanity will compassionately unite for the greater good of all (including our planet, which is upgrading along with us).
In this higher realm of perception, thought is said to manifest on quantum frequencies, opening up infinite possibilities. Although the human race is starting to shift as a whole, apparently the process comes at a different time for each individual, with a willingness to resolve one’s inner challenges frequently cited as a way to ease the transition.

Why is this happening now?

I’ve come across so many reasons in my research, from humanity reaching a cosmically pre-determined tipping point, to Mother Earth putting her foot down because she’s had enough, to intergalactic intervention. My answer to this question is, nobody has a fucking clue.

It gets a little weird(er), though.

Kitching and others reporting on the subject warn that if you’re feeling various symptoms, it might be your consciousness upgrading to 5D, clearing out funky old energies. Symptoms include fatigue, lack of focus, digestive issues, aches, and feeling overwhelmed – not exactly easy to distinguish from everyday bodily discomfort. Some of these symptoms are supposedly caused by our internal organs upgrading to crystalline structures that will eventually change us into bodies of light. (Side eye.)
Some reports cited that there may be souls that choose to remain in the old 3D template, and that’s where I feel this theory seems suspiciously similar to a “rapture” scenario. After all, enlightened souls ascending while the troublemakers stay trapped in the netherworld is a tale nearly as old as time itself. But this is far from the weirdest detail of the 5D theory. The breadth of websites covering this event is staggering, and so are the claims. Researching the ascension led me down a particularly intriguing internet rabbit hole in which evil Luciferian aliens have reportedly enslaved human consciousness and sexuality in an attempt to fragment our souls, and the ascension is our escape. So I think it’s safe to say this is a more complicated issue than meets the eye.

The takeaway:

Well, you can’t really prove something like this, but you can’t exactly disprove it, either. This investigation admittedly left me with more questions than answers. I would love to believe and hope that humanity is shifting towards a more enlightened, compassionate state of consciousness that will propel global action towards the greater good. And why shouldn’t we? We all need that in our lives right now, and it does seem that a general interest in higher consciousness has been emerging.
Aside from the alien invasion bit, this all could be loosely interpreted as an opportunity to adjust our mindsets – perhaps to a more open and compassionate headspace that could facilitate a society full of good vibes. That’s a concept we can all get behind, right? If as Ralph Smart says, “we are all multidimensional beings having a human experience,” why not make that experience the best it can be? Let me know your thoughts, my multidimensional friends!

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